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Habanos Day 2018 in Germany provided the chance for an unconventional tasting. Over a interval of about two years, 150 sticks of Montecristo Petit No. 2 (boxing date April 2014) had been saved below various situations. The cigars have been then individually weighed; people who have been too heavy or too gentle have been discarded. In January 2016, three units of fifty cigars every have been respectively saved in basically completely different environments. 4 weeks earlier than the tasting, all of the cigars have been dropped at the identical humidity stage (70%) utilizing knowledgeable, electronically managed humidor. Fifty testers then assessed the cigars, which have been assigned completely different colours (pink, blue and inexperienced) within the classes bouquet, draw, visible look, aroma, power, style, and style growth throughout the course of the smoke. The ultimate query was: “Which cigar would you smoke to the tip?” and was the thrilling spotlight of the tasting. The individuals didn’t know which coloration was assigned to which storage surroundings.

The end result isn’t an ideal shock. Whereas virtually 80% of all individuals attested to the aroma of the humidor-stored cigar as having a “typical” to intense bouquet, with the living-room-stored cigar it was simply 26 %, and for the cigar saved within the fridge 60 %. It’s because at low temperatures the post-maturing course of is sort of solely halted. In any case, fluctuating humidity causes the largest loss within the bouquet.

Typically, the draw resistance for the Petit No. 2 ranges between gentle to medium; the evaluations are related in all three teams. Had been this take a look at to be performed after just a few years’ extra getting old time, it might be anticipated that the assessments can be extra excessive: the draw resistance for the refrigerated cigar the strongest (because of the contracting tobacco); the (non-humidified) cigar saved in the lounge the lightest.

With 19 %, the refrigerated cigar definitively didn’t have probably the most desired state of a silky-oily wrapper. What was noticeable was the numerous evaluation of “uncooked/uninteresting/protruding veins,” with 67 %. Strongly fluctuating humidity (lounge) and low temperatures (fridge) result in a faster depletion of oils within the tobacco and are accountable for this end result.

If we collate the assessments “good” and “excellent,” neither the refrigerated cigar (24%) nor the lounge cigar (26%) may be very convincing, whereas the accurately saved cigar obtained 67 %. Forty-five % of the individuals assessed the refrigerated cigar as being less-good to dangerous. That the refrigerated cigar wouldn’t rating nicely right here was a given, however I used to be desirous about the results of the living-room cigar, as a result of prior to now, all tastings confirmed that in relation to the aroma content material of a cigar saved in a fridge, it’s normally higher than in storage with fluctuating humidity. And right here, 52 % attested, expectedly, to the lounge cigar having dangerous values.

For sure, evaluating style is all the time going to be subjective, however with any such tasting during which the cigars are evaluated comparatively to one another, the outcomes are nonetheless fairly dependable. With 60 % of assessments being good and excellent, the humidor-stored cigar is way forward of each different candidates with, respectively, 19 %. Sixty-two % of entries cited the refrigerated cigar as having a less-good to dangerous style, whereby virtually 29 % discovered the refrigerated cigar to have a nasty style. If we sum up the assessments of passable, good, and excellent, the humidor cigar, with 86 %, clearly landed in first place. This was adopted by the living-room cigar with 55 %, and the stick from the fridge solely obtained 38 %.

On this analysis a number of solutions have been allowed. Probably the most attention-grabbing have been the assessments that confirmed a clearly discernible style growth and, on the identical time, a constructive or unfavourable appraisal. Right here, too, the cigar from the humidor proved {that a} constructive and clearly perceptible change in style throughout smoking is correlated with right storage.

For the final query, individuals have been to say which cigar they might smoke to the tip, or which one they thought-about the most effective. For me, the end result was not shocking, per se, however within the very unequivocal end result, it was shocking. Seventy % of all take a look at individuals discovered the cigar saved within the humidor to be the most effective. In conclusion, it may be said that the storage situations at room temperature (even when this fluctuates between summer season and winter) and roughly 70% relative humidity by far ship the most effective outcomes. Storage within the fridge irreversibly ruins a cigar and is unquestionably not an possibility. Robust fluctuations in humidity ought to likewise be completely prevented as a result of they smash the getting old course of. That is, by the best way, a giant drawback with regular desk humidors. Opening the lid when the ambient air is dry causes the robust sinking of the relative humidity. For the humidifying system to then once more attain the goal humidity stage of round 70 % can take a number of hours. Throughout this time, the cigars lose their humidity to the surroundings as a result of the humidifying system can’t compensate for the misplaced humidity rapidly sufficient. If you’re planning to retailer your cigars over an extended interval, don’t retailer your cigars individually, however all the time within the field. As well as, a humidifying system ought to be used, which compensates the misplaced humidity inside the shortest time and allows probably the most fixed storage necessities attainable.

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