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Homeland Horrors: Terrorism Survival and Preparedness Tips

Terrorism on American soil is a very real situation and one that needs to be taken seriously by all. Here are some tips to help you save lives and reduce opportunities for terrorists. by Michael D’Angona  Prominently shown across the local news channels nearly every night are displays of violence, bombings, and mass destruction, occurring half a world away as you watch from the comfort of your living room. The reports show how terrorists plague places across the globe; those that most Americans probably never knew existed or couldn’t find on…

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Survivors Edge Magazine

Survivors Edge is a bi-monthly publication, which helps readers prepare as today’s world has changed & every day presents new survival challenges. Covers a wide range of survival topics, such as Home and Self Defense tactics and products, wilderness and outdoor survival skills, disaster planning, firearms and ammunition testing, and survival stories. – Renewal subscriptions available. Note: This magazine cannot be shipped to correctional facilities.   Print Subscription 4 issues Cover Price: $59.70 Your Price: $29.97 You Save: 49%* All prices are in US Dollars. * Gift information can be…

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Emergency Fire and Emergency Water

SurvivorsEdge.com has about six different brands of emergency walter filtration systems and a dozen fire starter tools in our store.  The best of the water filtration in terms of micron size of water filtration and the least we offer are about the same. As with everything in our store, we wouldn’t offer it if we wouldn’t use it ourselves.  What they filter out depends greatly on where in the world and under what conditions you will be using them.  These days, the satandard ‘polutants’ are covered, but you should always review what…

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Less Lethal Self-Defense Utility Belt

Assemble a defense weapon belt that’s ready to strike at any time! by Michael D’Angona This article was originally published in the SURVIVOR’S EDGE™ Spring 2016 issue. Subscription is available in print and digital editions here. The primary purpose most people have when acquiring a concealed weapons license is to legally carry a firearm to protect themselves from an unprovoked attacked. However, not all people feel comfortable using a handgun. During a surprise attack, the finality of this weapon, even though used in self-defense, may have long-lasting mental and emotional effects on…

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