United States Military Veterans

For Elegance Bratton, a destiny realized in ‘The Inspection’

Some of the torturous drill sergeant-scenes will remind many of “Full Metal Jacket,” but “The Inspection” has more complicated things to say.

Army veteran finds his true calling as a teacher

Christopher Simmons credits the Army with helping him become a better teacher.

Adam Driver’s non-profit brings Broadway to vets, service members

Every year, the non-profit organization provides active duty, reserve, veteran and other military-affiliated personnel the chance to experience ...

How one university is helping veterans through higher education

Leaders at the university are continuing to find ways to value, engage and mentor veterans as they transition out of service.

Many vets are landing jobs, but the transition can be tough

Leaving the military can be one of the most difficult transitions a person can make.

Six killed after vintage military aircraft collide at Dallas air show

Six people were killed after a B-17 Flying Fortress bomber and a P-63 Kingcobra fighter plane crashed during a Dallas air show Saturday, officials ...

New book ‘Bravo Company’ is definitive look at Afghanistan IED war

Ben Kesling's new book tells the story of a different side to the conflict.

Veteran homelessness made harder by climate change

Extreme weather can make daily life effectively impossible for those living without guaranteed shelter — and can delay access to needed resources.

Recruiting struggles during COVID? Not at companies hiring veterans

In the 2022 edition of Best for Vets: Employers, the top companies in our rankings found ways to recruit and engage veterans during COVID-19.

Army veteran ‘a testimony’ to breast cancer for men

“I’d like to let men know, it can happen and I’m a testimony to that,” Army veteran Boyd Elliott said of his breast cancer diagnosis.

Military veterans defend American elections as poll workers

Recruiting veterans to work as poll workers could harness the energy of veterans looking for new ways to serve their country.

‘Part of our team’: 5 nonprofits honored for their military programs

'It’s no exaggeration to say you save lives and you change lives,' Space Force's top general tells military and veteran nonprofits.
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