A New Favorite Cigar

One of the best cigars I’ve had in years. When in Vegas, I found the only shop that sold them and bought one for my smoking buddy. He and I ahve a combined 53 years of smoking cigars.. and at a minimum of one cigar a day (I now average 3), we’ve had a few (from 19345 to 29017 cigars)! I love the Ashton VSG, Ashton Symetry, most of Tatuaje, most of Illusione, anything Padron or Partagus, some Cohiba, and of course I like the La Flora Dominicana Chisel.

Corto by WarpedThis Corto is very unique. Had my first one on a return trip from touring the La Aurora cigar factory in the dominican republic, so to get my attention after that lifetime bucket list check took some doing.Whenever I travel or move to a new town, I always check out all cigar lounges. This was a spectacular one on Orlando called the Corona Cigar Company. I asked my same question: “I tend to like the Ashton VSG and almost anything by Padron. What is your favorite that you would recommend to me?” I’ve only once had an ass-hat answer to that question (San Jose, California last year), but have made dozens of new acquaintence friends and discovered so many great cigar lines. There’s always new ones. I’ve also discovered who doesn’t know anyting about cigars by some of their suggestions, but that is another story.

When you go to your local cigar shop, ask them if they have this Corto by Warped Cigars. If they don’t, email the comapny and ask them where the closest retailer is. CigarsInernational now carries Warped, but for the F sake, not this specific one! All the others, just not this one! (Insert rant and rave here).

What’s your favorite and why?

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