Feminism Has Weakened Ladies

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Here’s a joke:

“Every lady is bi. You simply have to determine if it’s polar or sexual.”

This joke was retweeted final week by Dave Weigel, a Washington Post reporter.

He retweeted it as a result of he thought it was humorous.

He thought it was humorous as a result of it’s.

But, in fact, until a joke is on the expense of straight, white males, such humor is banned by the Left.

An actual brouhaha on the newspaper began when a colleague of Weigel’s, Felicia Sonmez, complained that the tweet was misogynistic. On The Washington Post’s inside web site, she wrote that Weigel’s retweet despatched “a complicated message about what the Post’s values are.”

The Post’s chief spokesperson, Kris Coratti, then issued an announcement condemning Weigel: “Editors have made clear to the employees that the tweet was reprehensible and demeaning language or actions like that won’t be tolerated.”

The newspaper’s nationwide editor, Matea Gold, wrote, “I simply wish to guarantee all of you that The Post is dedicated to sustaining a respectful office for everybody. We don’t tolerate demeaning language or actions.”

The Post’s government editor, Sally Buzbee, added: “The Washington Post is dedicated to an inclusive and respectful atmosphere freed from harassment, discrimination or bias of any type.”

Post video technician Breanna Muir supported Sonmez for “talking out in opposition to harassment, discrimination and sexism… These tweets/rts not solely harm ladies in our newsroom however make it extraordinarily tough to do our greatest work. Ultimately, it creates a poisonous work atmosphere.”

Another Post reporter, Jose A. Del Real, tweeted that Weigel’s retweet was “horrible and unacceptable.” However, Del Real added that as a result of Weigel apologized — Weigel had instantly tweeted, “I simply eliminated a retweet of an offensive joke. I apologize and didn’t imply to trigger any hurt” — Sonmez and others ought to cease attacking him. As a consequence, Del Real was attacked — a lot in order that he briefly deactivated his Twitter account. When he reactivated it, he posted an announcement saying he had confronted “an unrelenting sequence of assaults supposed to tarnish my skilled and private status.” He additionally accused Sonmez of “repeated and focused public harassment of a colleague (Weigel).”

Apparently, further Post workers started criticizing each other over the difficulty, and in line with CNN, “By Monday morning, rigidity at The Post was nonetheless excessive.” Another left-wing website, the Daily Beast, put it this manner: “a multi-front battle inside WaPo is raging.”

Sonmez, who had beforehand sued the Washington Post for sexism — a go well with she misplaced — has been let go by the paper. (The Post had suspended Weigel for a month with out pay.)

In addition to offering the nation with one other instance of the Left’s meanness, hypersensitivity and battle on humor (until directed at white males), this episode additionally reveals one thing necessary about feminism.

In the true Orwellian spirit of the Left, the overriding declare of feminists that feminism empowers ladies is the alternative of the reality. Over the previous half-century, fashionable feminism has not strengthened ladies, however weakened them.

It is worthy to notice that, aside from Del Real, who referred to as for civility and compassion towards Weigel, each Washington Post actor named on this story — Felicia Sonmez, Matea Gold, Kris Coratti, Breanna Muir — is a girl.

That’s why they have been horrified by the joke. Few males — even if feminist activism has additionally rendered an amazing many American males weak — would discover a related joke about males offensive. Most males would discover it humorous.

For the file, each man I do know is married to a powerful lady. The notion that males should not interested in (or are threatened or intimidated by) sturdy ladies is a feminist fable. While undoubtedly some males search weak ladies, most males discover weak spot in ladies (as in males) unappealing.

In feminist Newspeak (Orwell’s time period for the totalitarian redefining of language), when utilized to ladies, “sturdy” means “simply offended,” and “perceiving oneself as a sufferer.”

Tragically, many ladies, particularly younger ladies, have come to simply accept these definitions of “sturdy.”

No surprise the melancholy charges amongst younger American ladies are the very best ever measured.


This column was initially posted on Townhall.com.

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