How to Use Lifting Straps to Level Up Your Strength Training

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Lifts just like the deadlift and barbell row are primarily again workouts. Both additionally secondarily strengthen your grip. Holding a heavy bar in your fingers will do this. And a powerful grip is fairly dang useful to have.

Yet irrespective of how a lot you strengthen your grip, its energy won’t ever be on par with that of your again and trunk muscle groups. As a end result, in case you energy prepare lengthy sufficient, you’ll ultimately attain some extent the place your grip turns into a limiting consider performing a deadlift or barbell row: In order to drive adaptation in your again muscle groups, it is advisable to carry heavier weight at extra reps, however whereas your again and trunk muscle groups can carry the load, your grip isn’t robust sufficient to carry the load.

What do you do?

Use lifting straps.

Today we’ll present you when and learn how to use them.

When to Use Lifting Straps

A novice lifter doesn’t want to make use of lifting straps. His grip energy is enough to carry the bar when deadlifting or doing the barbell row, whilst he provides weight to the bar. And the start lifter must develop his pure grip energy. 

I didn’t use lifting straps for the primary two years of my critical coaching. I simply used an alternate grip when deadlifting.

But round that point, I used to be starting to deadlift above 400 lbs for units of 5. My again muscle groups might pull the load, however my grip began giving out at round rep 3 or 4. My grip turned the limiting consider having the ability to full the carry.

So I began utilizing lifting straps.

If you discover your grip giving out in the course of the center of a deadlift or barbell row set, it is likely to be time to think about using lifting straps.

Today, I exploit straps commonly on heavy units of deadlifts and rack pulls. I’ll often use them on barbell rows.

I’ll begin my warm-ups with no straps. Once I get above 405 lbs, I’ll placed on the lifting straps and do the remainder of my working units with them.

When I do heavy singles, I don’t use straps. Because once you compete within the deadlift (which I do), you’ll be able to’t use them. So to coach my grip for that single heavy deadlift I exploit my fingers alone.

That’s my tackle when to make use of straps.

Wait so long as you’ll be able to to start out utilizing them; use them solely once you’re doing heavy work units; don’t use them on heavy singles.

That’s labored for me. 

How to Use Lifting Straps

Lifting straps are created from leather-based, canvas, and nylon and have a loop on the finish. I’ve been utilizing these leather-based lifting straps from Dominion Strength for awhile now and actually like them. 

Create Your Lifting Strap Loops

To create your proper lifting strap, thread the underside of the strap by means of the appropriate aspect of the loop.

To create the left lifting strap, thread the underside of the strap by means of the left aspect of the loop.

This will create bigger loops that you simply’ll put your fingers by means of.

Put Your Lifting Straps on Correctly

Place your proper lifting strap in your proper hand, and your left lifting strap in your left.

You’ll know you’ve got the straps on accurately by the path during which the ends of the straps lie throughout your fingers. The proper strap needs to be mendacity proper; the left strap needs to be mendacity left.

Wrap Your Lifting Straps Around the Barbell

With your straps correctly wrapped round your fingers, you’re able to wrap their ends across the barbell.

I at all times begin off with the lifting strap on my non-dominant hand (left hand). That method, I can use my dominant hand to assist me wrap the strap across the barbell.

Put your hand on prime of the bar and the strap beneath the bar.

Pull the strap tight and wrap it as soon as over the barbell. You solely have to wrap it as soon as! Once is sufficient.

Now seize the bar as you’d usually. Bam!

Now it is advisable to wrap the lifting strap however. You’ll should discover ways to finagle this with only one hand since your different hand is already strapped to the barbell. It’s fairly simple when you get the grasp of it.

Rotate the barbell backward to set and tighten the lifting straps.

Now pull the bar as you usually would, with good deadlift kind.

To loosen the lifting straps, simply let go of your grip on the barbell.

There you go. When and learn how to use lifting straps.

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