PCA 2022: Powstanie/Cigar Hustler


Mike Szczepankiewicz of Cigar Hustler/Powstanie Cigars is another one of those guys in the cigar industry who’s a triple threat. Mike has a podcast, a store and a brand (the later two co-owned with his brother, Greg). I’ve known Mike for a few years and I find him to be a likable fellow. It’s nice when you find someone who has the same muscular physique (of course, I kid. I haven’t set foot in a gym since high school). After an interesting interaction with Mike, which I may or may not go into some day, we had a brief chat about all of his various projects.

Again, thanks to Ed O’Neal for manning the camera for me. I think the videos he shot look much better than the ones I do solo (the front facing camera has a lower resolution, and the angles are a problem, I need to get a better tripod). Also thanks to Mike and his crew for taking a few minutes and having my back.


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