Arkansas Sharpening Stone Whet Oilstone Pocket Size Knives Tools Scissors Small2


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Arkansas Sharpening Stone Whet Oilstone Pocket Size Knives Tools Scissors Small2


Genuine Arkansas
Small Fine Pocket Sharpening Sharpener Oilstone Whetstone Stone
Made in the USA!
Shipped straight to you directly from Arkansas!
Condition: New
Size: 2 13/16″ x 1″ x 1/4″
Note: Stone coloring obviously will vary and it is very normal for the stone to have VERY SMALL chips on the edges (satisfaction guaranteed) as seen on the bottom right corner of the first photo. See the two different stone photos as an example.
Perfect for pocket knives, kitchen knives, tools and much more.
Using fine, light oil with smooth, even strokes will give you the sharpest edge or keenest point.  Wipe or wash clean after using.  
Variations in color are entirely the work of nature and in no way effect the quality of the stone.
  • Arkansas Hard Fine Stone
One Common Way to Sharpen a Pocket Knife:
For stones or rods that are hand-held, hold the sharpening stone in one hand, and then put the blade of the knife on the flat edge of the stone.
Make sure to angle the knife the SAME angle that already exists on the blade edge, usually about ten degrees.  
Now some argue this method, but on most pocket knife blades, we suggest you act like you are trying to shave off a layer of the sharpening stone WHILE KEEPING THE PROPER ANGLE (of the existing knife edge).
As the blade edge is not square, has a taper toward the tip, as you are “shaving off a layer of the stone”, gradually rotate your wrist so the stone hits all of the blade edge.
Flip the knife over and repeat the same steps. Do this at least two to three times per side to sharpen the blade evenly.
If there are significant nicks in the blade, it’s worth the price to have a professional sharpen the knife for you.  We strongly suggest you never use one of those sharpeners that often come built in to electric can openers.  One twitch of the hand can cause a deep “rut” in the blade AND the grit of these sharpeners are almost always far to coarse.

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