Cigar Lounge Table Top Cutter w Guillotine in Solid Wood Felt Bottom Safety Lock


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Cigar Lounge Table Top Cutter w Guillotine in Solid Wood Felt Bottom Safety Lock

Survivors Edge, LLC
Beautiful Solid Wood
Guillotine Cigar Cutter
Condition: New
Color: The first two photos are the color you will be receiving. Additional photos are of the same model with cosmetic differences.
Weight: Price includes shipping weight 3 pounds. Significant discount for local pickup.
Note: Not for sale, but we recommend the San Cristobal, Tatuaje, Ashton VSG, the Gurkha Beast and the Illusione Silver Bullet cigars. Would enjoy hearing of your favorite two.
  • Table use guillotine cigar cutter
  • metal ashtray in gold platting
  • solid wood base
  • stainless blade with safety lock
  • felt bottom to protect your furniture
  • cut cigars up to 54 ring gauge (larger if you just want to take a little off the tip)
Well built, and attractive. This with our table top lighter, and your cigar lounge is almost complete.
OK, now listen. We sell cigar accessories because everyone at Survivors Edge smokes cigars. We don’t sell cigarette accessories, because we don’t smoke cigarettes. The point? Everything in our store made it there because we tested it and liked it.  Got a great cigar accessory? Please tell us about it.
Survivors Edge, LLC
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Survivors Edge, LLC

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