Cigar Tube Protects Your Sticks While Traveling Adjusts up to 7" for 50 Ring


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Cigar Tube Protects Your Sticks While Traveling Adjusts up to 7″ for 50 Ring

Survivors Edge, LLC
Le Tube
Cigar Travel Tube
Stores your cigar for later!
Condition: New
Material: Rugged Plastic
Color: Black
Features: Just drop a cigar in the tube for later. Simple as that.
Size: Up to a 50 ring gauge, telescopes up to 7″
Note: Not for sale, but we recommend the San Cristobal, Tatuaje, Ashton VSG, the Gurkha Beast and the Illusione Silver Bullet cigars. Would enjoy hearing of your favorite two.
  • Built as tough as it gets!
  • Telescopes to 7″ tall.
  • Made of rugged plastic so you can protect it from crushing!
  • Fits cigars up to a 50 ring gauge.
  • Fits perfectly into your shirt or jacket pocket, your golf bag, put it in your book bag, shove it in the glove box… just about anywhere
OK, now listen. We sell cigar accessories because we all smoke cigars. We don’t sell cigarette accessories, because we don’t smoke cigarettes. The point? Everything in our store made it there because we tested it and liked it.  If we didn’t think it was great, we’d just sell off the sample we tested only by auction.  If it’s in our store, we plan on including it in our regular inventory. Got a great cigar accessory? Please tell us about it.