Firefighter Fire Rescue Windshield Glass Breaker Flashlight Tool Logic K6 Rescue


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Firefighter Fire Rescue Windshield Glass Breaker Flashlight Tool Logic K6 Rescue

Survivors Edge, LLC
Tool Logic
Flashlight and Window Punch Keychain
K6 Rescue
Glass Windshield Breaker and flashlight in one!
Can be worn on your belt for first responders too!
Condition: New
Size: 95 10 mm
Weight: .9 ounces
The K6 Flashlight/Rescue Window Punch LED flashlight is waterproof for shallow immersion, plus a super-hardened window punch and includes a rugged key ring holder.  The K6 flashlight also fits in the SL6, SL1/3 and SL Pro folding knives.
  • Intense LED light
  • Waterproof in shallow immersion
  • Glass breaker
  • Attaches to keychain
  • Interchangeable with SL series survival tools
Perfect for:
Marines, Firefighters,
First Responders, Preppers,
Search and Rescue, Military,
Backpackers, Hikers, Campers,
Bicyclers, Mountain Bikers,
Boaters, Kayakers, Canoeists,
Hunters, Pilots, Climbers,
Snowmobilers, Snow Skiers,
Cross Country Skiers, Travelers,
Survivalists, Scuba Divers,
… and the Survivors Edge!
The Tool Logic K6 Rescue LED Flashlight is small enough for your keychain but big enough to cast an intense LED beam and break through your car window. The LED flashlight is waterproof for shallow immersion and fits snugly into an enclosure that attaches to your keychain. On the other end of the LED flashlight is a glass breaker that can help you escape in case of an emergency.
No gear bag, off-duty car, duty belt, car or truck glove-box, backpack, camper, cabin, fishing tackle or hunter should be without this!
Survivors Edge, LLC
Survivors Edge is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). We specialize in United States Marine Corps, Firefighter, EMT, First Responder, Paramedic, Law Enforcement, Survival, Prepper, Hiking, Camping and World Travel Gear. Check out our huge selection of Survival Knives, Karambit Knives, Zytel Polymer Knives, Arkansas Sharpening Stones, and Cigar and Tobacco Pipe Accessories.
Survivors Edge, LLC

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