Karambit Knife Fixed Tanto Like Blade the Silent Combat Ninja Utility w Sheath


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Karambit Knife Fixed Tanto Like Blade the Silent Combat Ninja Utility w Sheath

Survivors Edge, LLC
Tanto Fixed Blade Ninja Silent Combat
Karambit Knife
Tool, Self-Defense, Martial Arts, Law Enforcement!
Condition: New
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Overall Length: 7 3/4″
Blade Length: 3″
Material: Stainless Steel full-tang blade with rugged metal handles
Features: Black handle, black blade, black sheath
Includes: Rugged sheath for inside pant, outside pant, small of back, in boot that can also be sewn into pack or inside clothing.
The dark Karambit is the most rugged utility Karambit we have ever seen. What it lacks in striking beauty, it incredibly makes up for t in sheer ruggedness and reliability.
The little finger ring also allows you to let either knife drop and swing from your finger while you use your hands, and then with a wrist flip, bring the knife back up into your hand, so it never falls in the dirt or the creek.
Construction features include a full tang stainless steel blade with a black finish with a razor-sharp cutting edge, sandwiched between rugged solid metal grips. They are almost indestructible, solvent resistant, and even removable for cleaning. To aid grip and tactile awareness, there are ample finger contouring and lightening holes.
The Karambit has become the most popular and formidable backup weapon of choice for military and law enforcement.  It’s designed for multiple grip positions and weapon retention. It has many features found on other Karambits costing well over $200!
Each knife is made of Stainless steel, and designed to be used as either a defensive or rescue tool. A hole in the knife itself serves two purposes:
  • It allows the user to keep the knife secure, with no danger of the knife sliding forward or backwards in their grip; and
  • it allows the overall size to be reduced – the knife fits comfortably in your closed fist!
The Karambit (pronounced kah-rahm-bit) is a remarkable utility knife that was born in the Indonesian archipelago with roots in Malaysia and the Philippines. Akin to the Swiss Army knife of today, this was the pocket knife of ancient villagers. This extraordinary little personal tool was first documented to be carried around the early 11th century AD and to this very day can be seen in various remote locations throughout the Indonesian islands, parts of Malaysia and the Southern Philippine islands.
Although rumored to have been brought to America around the late 1800s, the Karambit was officially introduced to the United States sometime in the late 1950s and made popular, especially with martial artists, through the late 1970s and 1980s. Virtually unknown in the secular community, by the mid-1990s it was predominantly recognized as a martial arts training element derived from the heritage of Indonesian Pencak Silat, Malaysian Bursilat and Filipino Kali.
The predominant uses of the Karambit in ancient times were similar to the uses of the European pocket knife: field work, including cutting twine or rope; chopping fruits and vegetables; and, in some rare cases, as an exceptional personal safety knife.
Today: Utility Knife:
This utility tool still performs the same functions as its distant ancestor for such daily chores as opening packages, cutting rope, leather work, home repair, yard work, etc., and outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, construction work (shaping carpet, drywall and other building materials), mountaineering, hiking, etc., and is additionally recognized as a training tool for interested martial artists for its personal-safety value.
The modern Karambit is available in many shapes and sizes. More importantly, the method of operation of a Karambit as both a utility knife and as a personal-safety tool are what set it head and shoulders above any other edged tool. The modern Karambit functions as three tools in one a utility knife, a martial-arts training implement and an option for personal defense.
As a utility knife it is superior to other blades as a result of a remarkable safety feature a finger loop which prevents the blade from slipping in your hand when in use. This significantly drops the number of cut yourself injuries, as the blade is secured to your finger just like a pair of scissors in order that it does not slip and cut your hand. This especially comes in handy when it’s freezing cold outside or if you’re underwater, in the rain, in the snow or all of the above!
Today: Martial Arts & Personal Defense:
As a martial-arts implement, it is an extraordinary ancient artifact that permits the accomplished practitioner grace, style and freedom of creative movement. Very much akin to dance-like movements, the true art of the Karambit is like ballet.
Lastly, sometimes used for personal defense, the Karambit is an outstanding tool that provides the experienced operator with both the superiority of a quality utility blade and an unparalleled martial arts implement. This allows far more control of your attacker in a life-or-death altercation and provides far more options for escape and personal protection than any regular pocket knife. To find out more about personal safety training, click here.
The traditional Karambit is a fixed blade and was made popular in the US by numerous demonstrations across the country.  Over the many years of inquiries by various knife companies introduced the concept of a folding Karambit to various knife-making companies.  Today, as a result of this introduction, the market bears two configurations of this remarkable utility blade a fixed blade Karambit and a folding blade Karambit.