Knife Hook Sharpener w Fish Game Scale 36" Measuring Tape Smith's Jiff-Fish


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Knife Hook Sharpener w Fish Game Scale 36″ Measuring Tape Smith’s Jiff-Fish

Survivors Edge, LLC
Knife and Hook Sharpener
with Fish and Game Scale
36″ Measuring Tape
Non-slip Grip
The 10 second sharpener!
Quickly sharpens and hones knives, to a sharp, smooth edge
Condition: New
Put a sharp edge on your knife with just 3 or 4 easy strokes! The specially designed “V”-shaped cutting head with 2 crossed tungsten carbide cutting blades are pre-set so you get the correct sharpening angle every time.
Safe and easy, the Jiff-Fish Sharpener comes with a built-in scale, tape measure, hook hone and a soft grip rubber handle for comfort and safety.
Features carbide cutting heads tape measure scale soft grip rubber handle and a hook hone.  
  • Grit: Coarse Material: Carbide
  • Special Features:
  • Pre-Set Sharpening Angle Provides Guaranteed Results
  • Soft Grip Rubber Handle
  • Reversible and Replaceable Carbide Blades
  • Includes Tape Measure
  • Hook Hone
  • and Weight Scale
  • Type: Hand Held
Perfect for:
Military, Backpackers, Hikers,
Campers, Bicyclers, Mountain,
Bikers Boaters, Kayakers,
Canoeists, Hunters, Pilots,
Climbers, Snowmobilers, Snow Skiers, Cross Country Skiers,
Travelers, Survivalists,
Rescue Personnel,
Emergency Preparedness
… and the Survivors Edge!