Knife Sharpening Stone Honing Oil For All Stones High Quality 3 Ounces by Dan's


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Knife Sharpening Stone Honing Oil For All Stones High Quality 3 Ounces by Dan’s

Survivors Edge, LLC
Dan’s Whetstone Company, Inc.
Genuine Arkansas
Dan’s Honing Oil
for ALL Sharpening Stones!
Made in the USA!
“If it ain’t Dan’s, it’s no Dan good!”
Shipped straight to you directly from Arkansas!
Condition: New
Size: 3 fl. oz. Mineral Based Oil
Perfect for pocket knives, kitchen knives, tools and much more.
Dan’s Whetstone Company provides honing oil which is necessary to clean and maintain the effectiveness of your stone.  Honing oil is also a good light all purpose oil for your household needs.
How to Select the Proper Stone:
1. Silicon Carbide (Very Coarse) man-made.
2. Washita or Soft Arkansas (Coarse) for preliminary honing.
3. Hard Arkansas or Aluminum Oxide (Fine) Popular finishing stone.
4. Surgical Arkansas (Fine) Excellent finishing stone.
5. Black Arkansas (Extra Fine) Finest finishing stone.
One Common Way to Sharpen a Pocket Knife:
For stones or rods that are hand-held, hold the sharpening stone in one hand, and then put the blade of the knife on the flat edge of the stone.
Make sure to angle the knife the SAME angle that already exists on the blade edge, usually about ten degrees.  
Now some argue this method, but on most pocket knife blades, we suggest you act like you are trying to shave off a layer of the sharpening stone WHILE KEEPING THE PROPER ANGLE (of the existing knife edge).
As the blade edge is not square, has a taper toward the tip, as you are “shaving off a layer of the stone”, gradually rotate your wrist so the stone hits all of the blade edge.
Flip the knife over and repeat the same steps. Do this at least two to three times per side to sharpen the blade evenly.
If there are significant nicks in the blade, it’s worth the price to have a professional sharpen the knife for you.  We strongly suggest you never use one of those sharpeners that often come built in to electric can openers.  One twitch of the hand can cause a deep “rut” in the blade AND the grit of these sharpeners are almost always far to coarse.
Got any questions, don’t hesitate contacting Survivors Edge.  We carry dozens of sharpeners, and only list the basic ones here.  Sharpeners perfect for your emergency kit, backpack, pocket, or tool box. We carry professional grade electric sharpeners as well as Lansky systems, DMT Diamond Sharpeners, Chef’s Choice, and many more.  If you need information about grit levels of sharpeners, ask us to email you our chart.
Dan’s Whetstone Company, Inc:
We’ve come to love Dan’s Whetstone Company’s products. Quality and reliable every time.  American Owned and Operated since 1976 as “The Only Complete Producer and Supplier of All Grades of Natural Arkansas Whetstones
Including Genuine Black Arkansas Novaculite”.  After all, Arkansas is “The Natural State” and also home to one location of Survivors Edge!