Mason Masonic Freemason Pocket Knife Congress Bone Handle Inlaid Compass Square


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Mason Masonic Freemason Pocket Knife Congress Bone Handle Inlaid Compass Square

Survivors Edge, LLC

Mason Freemason

Pocket Knife


With beautiful bone handles, inlaid brass Masonic crest and gift tin!

Condition: New

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Handle Material: Non-endangered Domestic Bovine Bone (NO IVORY)

Size: 3 5/8″ closed

Material: Stainless steel blades with blue bone handles with nickel silver bolsters and Masonic inlay shield

Features: “In Search of More Light” etched on blade with Masonic crest.

According to the manufacturer and on the bottom of the gift tin: “the Square and Compasses are well-known symbols of the fraternal organization that began in the late 16th century and now exists in various forms all over the world.  Freemasonry not only provides moral direction to its members, but Freemasons are heavily involved in countless charity and community activities.”

We also have Mason money clips, pocket watches, belt buckles, Zippo lighters, straight razors, presentation gift knives, pocket knives, and other Freemason items in our store.

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