Survival Fire Starter Magnesium Flint Signal Mirror Compass Emergency Signaling


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Survival Fire Starter Magnesium Flint Signal Mirror Compass Emergency Signaling

Survivors Edge, LLC
Magnesium Fire Starting Tool, Signal Mirror and Compass
An essential survival tool!
(Note: It does have a compass built in, but it should be considered a backup compass, not a primary compass)
Start hundreds of fires with a flame source of 5000 degrees Fahrenheit!
Condition: New
Size: 3″
Features: Durable, lightweight, wind and water proof
Note: Compass should be considered a backup, not primary compass
When you are trying to survive, no other brand has your back like UnitedM48 Kommando! This reliable three-in-one tool features a 3″ magnesium flint with a 2-3/4″ steel striker that is serrated at the end. This tool also features a mirror on one side and a compass so you will always know what direction you are headed. Easy to pack and carry, this survival tool comes on a chain so that it is an always-available travel companion!
This reliable fire starter method features 3″ magnesium flint with a steel striker that is serrated at the end. Easy to pack and carry, this fire striker will ignite even when wet! Don’t get caught without this no-fail fire striker!
Works equally well when wet!
Magnesium Fire Starting Tool with compass and signal mirror. Works by scraping the tool with any knife to create a small pile of magnesium shavings. Then use the built-in sparking insert to ignite the shavings.
Perfect for:
Marines, Firefighters,
First Responders, Preppers,
Search and Rescue, Military,
Backpackers, Hikers, Campers,
Bicyclers, Mountain Bikers,
Boaters, Kayakers, Canoeists,
Hunters, Pilots, Climbers,
Snowmobilers, Snow Skiers,
Cross Country Skiers, Travelers,
Survivalists, Scuba Divers,
… and the Survivors Edge!
  • STEP 1 – Support edge of tool on ground. Scrape narrow side of tool marked “SHAVING EDGE” with knife blade held perpendicular to tool. Amass small pile of magnesium about the size of a quarter next to tinder. (paper. leaves, small twigs, bark, etc.)
  • STEP 2 – Support edge of tool on ground within 1″ of magnesium shavings at approximately 45angle. Scrape entire length of side marked “SPARKING INSERT” rapidly with knife held perpendicular to SPARKING INSERT. This action will cause generate sparks, causing the magnesium shavings to ignite, providing a white hot flame.
Count on it to work, wet or dry, even with damp kindling. It’s so dependable, it’s been adopted by the U.S. Armed forces for their survival kits. And all you need to make it work is a knife.
By scraping the “shaving edges” with the blade, you will accumulate a pile of magnesium shavings. Then simply scrape the “sparking insert” to ignite the shavings to temperatures of 5000., hot enough to light even the most stubborn campfire! It’s size makes it convenient for pocket or tackle box.
Survival Tips
Under windy conditions, the magnesium shavings should be placed in a depression in the ground. Will ignite rubber to create a distress smoke signal. (Use tire from your vehicle if necessary to attract aircraft.) If fine tinder is not available, use the following:
  • Parts of personal clothing (pocket lining, handkerchief, etc.)
  • Vehicle Upholstery
  • Drain oil from vehicle and place in hubcap, soak rags with oil and ignite. (Will also create smoke signal.)
Warning: Gasoline is too hazardous to use but kerosene and diesel fuel are acceptable.