Survival Kit Extraction Evasion Signal Device Fire Striker by Smith Wesson SWFS1


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Survival Kit Extraction Evasion Signal Device Fire Striker by Smith Wesson SWFS1

Survivors Edge, LLC
Smith & Wesson
Extraction & Evasion
Fire Striker, Signaling Device and Survival Kit

A survival kit that really could save your life!

Magnesium fire starter signaling device, compass, fishing kit, matches

Perfect for:
Marines, Firefighters,
First Responders, Preppers,
Search and Rescue, Military,
Backpackers, Hikers, Campers,
Bicyclers, Mountain Bikers,
Boaters, Kayakers, Canoeists,
Hunters, Pilots, Climbers,
Snowmobilers, Snow Skiers,
Cross Country Skiers, Travelers,
Survivalists, Scuba Divers,
… and the Survivors Edge!

Condition: New
Warranty: Limited Lifetime with Manufacturer
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We have every one of these items individually in our store, and if you bought them separately, you’d pay well over twice our listed price!  

Here’s what you do. Buy this kit, then browse our store and add anything else that would suit your needs.  Items added are only an additional $1 per item.

This kit includes:
  • Magnesium flint fires starting/signaling device
  • Compass
  • Cord
  • Fishing gear including wire leader, singers, nylon line and hooks
  • Matches
  • Sewing needles

Magnesium flint fire starting / signaling device features:
  • Durable – lasts for from 1,500, 3,000 to 12,000 strikes
  • Start hundreds of fires with a flame source of 5500Fahrenheit!
  • Works equally well when wet
  • Premium quality
  • Produces a 3,000 C (5,500 F) spark.
  • No dangerous goods shipping restrictions.
  • Lights campfires, stoves, gas-barbecues
  • Bright spark – can be used as emergency signal.

Carry this compact kit on one- to two-day solo trips when you want an ultra light, essentials kit.

Perfect for:
  • Adventure Racing
  • Canyoneering
  • Backpackers, Hikers, Campers
  • Bicyclers, Mountain Bikers
  • Boaters, Kayakers, Canoeists
  • Hunters
  • Pilots
  • Snowmobilers, Snow Skiers, Cross Country Skiers
  • Climbers
  • Travelers
  • Survivalists

A well-stocked survival kit can keep you prepared.  It’s the “Survivors Edge”.  Keep at least one kit in your home and one in your car. Store your kits in easy-to-retrieve locations so you can grab it before all hiking, camping, or exploring adventures.

Keep one in your glove box, fishing tackle box, tool box, backpack, purse, emergency kit.  

A great idea for school kids!

Keep in your glove compartment of your car or SUV!

Why not put one with your fishing and hunting gear?

For the price, you should have one almost everywhere.

Survivors Edge is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). We specialize in United States Marine Corps, Firefighter, EMT, First Responder, Paramedic, Law Enforcement, Survival, Prepper, Hiking, Camping and World Travel Gear. Check out our huge selection of Survival Knives, Karambit Knives, Zytel Polymer Knives, Arkansas Sharpening Stones, and Cigar and Tobacco Pipe Accessories.

Proud Veteran Owned Business Member!Service Connected Disabled Military VeteranSurvivors Edge, LLC

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