Survival Knife w Compass Saw Spear First Aid Fishing Flashlight Singal Mirror 11


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Survival Knife w Compass Saw Spear First Aid Fishing Flashlight Singal Mirror 11

Survivors Edge, LLC
The Ultimate
Survival Knife
with a sling shot, flashlight and survival kit
Sling shot, LED flashlight, hunting/fishing spear blade, compass, rescue mirror, water sealed match-box handle, matches, match-starter strip, adhesive bandages, fishing hook, fishing line, bottle opener, can opener, skinning knife
Sling shot, fishing kit, spear blade, first aid, signaling gear… designed after the famous Aviator Survival Knife
Condition: new
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Blade material: stainless steel
Blade finish: Matte black or stainless finish
Blade length: 6 1/2″
Overall length: 11″
Sheath material: Black synthetic belt sheath
11″ overall. 6.5″ black finish stainless drop point blade. Black grooved aluminum handle. Sawback blade. Hollow handle contains small survival kit. Sheath includes 4.75″ overall one piece stainless construction knife with 1.25″ gut hook blade and integrated bottle opener. Also has 4″ overall LED flashlight and slingshot. Black synthetic belt sheath.
Includes ALL of the following:
  • Sling shot
  • hunting/fishing spear blade
  • compass
  • LED flashlight
  • small rescue mirror
  • bottle opener
  • can opener
  • belt loop
  • leg lanyard
Mini survival kit: contents may vary, stored in knife handle
  • water sealed match-box
  • matches
  • match-starter strip
  • adhesive bandages
  • fishing hook
  • fishing line
  • skinning knife
Perfect for:
Military, Backpackers, Hikers,
Campers, Bicyclers, Mountain,
Bikers Boaters, Kayakers,
Canoeists, Hunters, Pilots,
Climbers, Snowmobilers, Snow Skiers, Cross Country Skiers,
Travelers, Survivalists,
Rescue Personnel,
Emergency Preparedness
… and the Survivors Edge!
Survivors Edge, LLC
Survivors Edge is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). We specialize in United States Marine Corps, Firefighter, EMT, First Responder, Paramedic, Law Enforcement, Survival, Prepper, Hiking, Camping and World Travel Gear. Check out our huge selection of Survival Knives, Karambit Knives, Zytel Polymer Knives, Arkansas Sharpening Stones, and Cigar and Tobacco Pipe Accessories.
Survivors Edge, LLC

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