Survival Sleeping Bag Emergency Polarshield Wind and Water Resistant Signaling


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Survival Sleeping Bag Emergency Polarshield Wind and Water Resistant Signaling

Survivors Edge, LLC



Sleeping Bag

Perfect to protect against hypothermia and combat cold in non-tactical conditions!

Perfect for signaling search aircraft!

Perfect For The Search And Rescue NASAR SarTech Minimal Personal Equipment List!

Condition: New
Size: 84″ x 36″
Weight: 120g
Storage Size: less than 4 1/4″ x 2 3/4″ x 1 1/2″ (you can compress it MUCH more, but this is the size uncompressed)
Features: Windproof, waterproof, compact, lightweight, strong and flexible and reflects over 90% of body heat
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This is DIFFERENT from the standard emergency blanket.  This is a BAG.  A “must have” to keep wind out.


– corv3tte427

Manufactured using polyester material designed from insulation used in Space exploration

You should have this in your car!

Suitable for field usage and emergency response, field survival and prevention of hypothermia. Can be used for ground cover, or rescue aircraft reflector signaling device, to catch drinkable rainwater or morning dew

This water and windproof emergency sleeping bag protects an individual much more than the basic outdated space blankets. The bag is waterproof and windproof and retains 90% of your body heat. It does not have the openings on the bottom of the blanket which is where most of the heat is lost in emergency blankets.

You should have this in your back pack!


  • Opens up to 84″ x 36″

  • Waterproof

  • Windproof

  • Great emergency ground cover

  • Metallic and polyester fabric

  • compact and lightweight

  • water and wind resistant

  • long lasting and reusable

  • can also be used as a ground cover or emergency blanket

  • can be used to collect water

  • can be used as a signaling device like a mirror for search aircraft

  • reflects 90% of body heat back

  • perfect for camping, hiking, boating, emergencies…

  • perfect for protection from the elements

  • made of soft and water-and-windproof fabric which has a soft feel and resists soaking

  • survival kit item for earthquake, unexpected accident while camping or other outdoor activity

This emergency sleeping bag reflects 90% of body heat.  This sleeping bag is compact to fit in with your field gear and has many uses both in emergencies and survival situations.

Reflects 90% of body heat, to keep body warm.  Provides first thermal aids when cloth is not enough.

Perfect for:

Marines, Firefighters,

First Responders, Preppers,

Search and Rescue, Military,

Backpackers, Hikers, Campers,

Bicyclers, Mountain Bikers,

Boaters, Kayakers, Canoeists,

Hunters, Pilots, Climbers,

Snowmobilers, Snow Skiers,

Cross Country Skiers, Travelers,

Survivalists, Scuba Divers,

… and the Survivors Edge!

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