Tobacco Smoking Pipe Long Stem Slim Apple Beautiful Wood Stand and Box 7 1/2" LB


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Tobacco Smoking Pipe Long Stem Slim Apple Beautiful Wood Stand and Box 7 1/2″ LB


Long Stem Slim Apple
Tobacco Pipe
Condition: New
Prominent color: Light brown
Size: 7 1/2″ length overall with a 5 1/4″ long stem, bowl 1″ deep
Includes: pipe, stand, fabric pouch with draw string, and a gift box.
PLEASE: When you remove the stem from the bowl, gently rotate/twist, making sure you to not bend.  Bending will break either the wood or the stem.
Note: Not for sale, but you should hunt down and buy the Peterson’s annual Special blend.
We picked each of these pipes individually for our store because we personally would choose them for ourselves. We found them to be attractive, a nice feel in the hand and of good quality.  If you aren’t delighted with your choice, send it back unused for a full refund.
This is a wonderful pipe!  We are certain you will love it.  Though, when you receive it, if you are not completely satisfied with it, feel free to return it UNSMOKED, UNUSED, in absolutely NEW condition please.  We’re not worried about you returning it, but if you do, please do so UNSMOKED. Used pipes are simply not refundable or returnable. (Anything we offer that you put in your mouth, is not returnable if you have done so.)
Various replies to our question, “What’s your favorite five pipe tobacco blends?” (We do not sell tobacco, but do sell almost everything accessory you could think of)
1. Frog on the Town
2. Butera Latakia #1
3. Astley’s #99
4. Robert Lewis Tree Blend
5. McClelland 5110.
1. English Blend by Petersen and Somersen
2. Odessa
3. Old Joe Krantz
4. Morley’s best and Mountain Camp by C&D
5. 5100 by McClelland
1. Rattray’s Red Raparee
2. Paul Olsen’s MyOwnBlend King Frederik IX Full Mixture
3. Orlik Golden Sliced
4. MacBaren Navy Flake
5. MacBaren Mixture
1. G/H Conniston Cut Plug
3. Escudo
4. Reiner Long Golden Flake
5. Fribourg & Treyer Special Brown Flake
1. McC 2015
2. Rattray’s Marlin Flake
3. Escudo
4. SG Best Brown Flake/Kendal Plug
5. McC 2035
1. Samuel Gawith Bulk Bracken Flake
3. WILKE #524
4. SG’Brown #4 Finest Kendal
5. Reiner’s Long Golden flake  
1. Samuel Gawith Full VA Flake
2. MacBaren Navy Flake
3. Murrays Dunhill London Mixture
4. Samuel Gawith Best Brown Flake
5. Edgeworth Sliced
1. Fribourg & Treyer’s Cut Virginia Plug
2. Esoterica’s Penzance
3. Samuel Gawith’s Full Virginia Flake
4. A.C. Peterson’s Escudo
5. Solani’s 633
1. C&D Plantation Evening
2. Just For Him Buccaneer’s Blend/McClelland X-60
3. H&H Egg Nog
4. Lane’s TK-6
5. Altadis Black Cordial
1. Hastings by Esoterica
2. Celtic Mist by Two Friends
3. North Sea by Tinder Box
4. Blue Note by Altadis
5. Reiner’s Long Golden flake
1. Three Nuns
2. Robusto
3. Haddo’s
4. Bohemian Scandal
5. Margate
1. Mac Baren – Virginia No.1 before 1990 blend only.
2. Butera Royal Vintage – Golden Cake  (made by McClelland for Butera)
3. JF Germain’s Esoterica – Dorchester
4. JF Germain’s Esoterica – Dunbar  
5. A&C Petersen’s – Escudo
1. GLP Haddos
2. Escudo
3. C&D Mississippi Mud
4. FM Across the Pond
5. C&D Haunted Bookshop
1. Namaste’
2. Larry’s Blend

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