Before Your Buy a Firearms Silencer, Read This!

When I purchased and licensed my first silencer, I was under the incorrect assumption that I would have to pay all the fees and complete all the paperwork once, then if I wanted to add additional silencers later, it would be a smaller administrative fee.  Wrong.  Each silencer licensing is the same as if you never had before.  While it may take less time for the ATF to process, it will still require all the money and paperwork as before.  Talk has it though that President Elect Trump will be pushing for the Hearing Protection Act to change the purchase of silencers to the same protocol as hand guns.

In the mean time, I wish I would have purchased the Griffin Armament Optimus Silencer instead of the single caliber I have.

optimus silencer

The Optimus™ Silencer is the most significant advancement in consumer silencer technology in the last decade. A truly high performance and versatile silencer, the Optimus™ can service many firearms from rimfire calibers up to 300 winchester magnum. Utilizing full 17-4 stainless construction with user adaptable components the Optimus™ in its full size standard configuration is a 9.4” 18.5 ounce, taper mounted 300 Winchester Magnum rated silencer. A 7.9 inch 16 ounce 308 rated Mid Size Taper Mount configuration can be attained using the optional minimalist brake shield. Re configuring the suppressor with the included booster assembly and piston, the Optimus™ transforms into a high performance, reliable, 9mm pistol silencer. The optional low profile 3 lug assembly can also be interfaced with the Optimus™ pistol configuration, providing secure attachment for 9mm, 556 and 300 blk out carbines. Additionally, the user can enjoy quiet rimfire shooting by switching end caps to the included 22 caliber end cap. After use the Optimus™ can be fully disassembled for cleaning by removing the patent pending Taper Lock interfaces.

optimus silencer

The Optimus™ silencer transforms into multiple configurations to suit the shooters requirements on various platforms from rimfire to 300 win mag. Full spectrum versatility, in a single, durable, user serviceable silencer is now possible with the Griffin Optimus.

Here’s a great review by our friends at  Suggested retail is $1095, but if the Hearing Protection Act doesn’t pass, this is a fantastic way to save on the obscene fees and paperwork of the FFL.  Side note, look into establishing a “Trust” for licensing your silencer.

Semper Fi.

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