Sunday Firesides: A Man of fifty Is Answerable for His Face

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Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of Battle below Abraham Lincoln, was speaking with an affiliate, when one other member of his division walked by. Stanton remarked that the middle-aged officer was “a pretender, a humbug, and a fraud,” and requested rhetorically whether or not his companion had ever seen anybody who so resembled a codfish.

Stanton’s companion was bowled over, saying that the officer had a sterling status, and on any account, didn’t have management over his seems.

“I deny your conclusions,” Stanton retorted. “A person of fifty is answerable for his face!”

Just a few months later, the cod-like colleague was convicted of stealing public funds.

All of us begin our lives with the faces our dad and mom gave us. However thereafter, no matter is occurring on our insides, begins to register on our outsides. Minute after minute, month after month, decade after decade, the issues we expect, the alternatives we make, and the facial expressions such ideas and behaviors produce, develop into etched on one’s visage. 

Individuals with punchable faces sometimes have punchable personalities. Individuals with type eyes invariably develop into type. Whether or not a life is led with contempt, or compassion, these inclinations are in some unusual however perceptible approach carved into the countenance. There are exceptions, after all, of us who appear to be jerks however develop into gems, and vice versa. However by and huge, you typically can choose a e-book by its cowl.

Recognition of this truth is essential, as a result of it reveals that our ideas and selections, removed from being the sort of weak, mutable, ephemeral issues we regularly think about, really generate a robust, sturdy, transformative power. Character just isn’t one thing that may be disguised with the best discuss, the screwed-on smile, the veneer of politeness. As an alternative, the alternatives we make create indelible reverberations that can not be hid, and, certainly, inescapably seep out of each pore.

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