The Finest Haircut for Your Face Form

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Best haircut for your face shape illustration.

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The ability of a great haircut to remodel a man’s look and attractiveness is vastly underrated. I believe we’ve all seen a case the place somebody determined to strive a special fashion, and consequently, virtually seemed like a brand new, considerably extra good-looking man.

However discovering that sort of transformative haircut isn’t a matter of likelihood, as haircuts aren’t one-size-fits-all offers. You realize this if you happen to’ve ever seen a haircut that seemed good on one other dude, and requested your barber to provide the identical fashion, solely to search out out it seemed horrible on you.

Totally different hairstyles are higher suited to totally different face shapes. What appears to be like good on Brad Pitt might make you seem like a grade-A, poindexter dud. 

However how do you determine your face form, and thus the haircut that enhances it finest?

It’s simpler than you suppose, and to assist information us by means of the method, I talked to grasp barber Thad Forrester, proprietor of Hudson / Hawk Barber & Store.

The 6 Frequent Face Shapes of Males

6 common face shapes of men illustration.

Thad breaks down most faces into six shapes: oval, sq., rectangle, spherical, diamond, and triangle. 

Right here’s a breakdown of the traits of every:

Oval Face Form

Face size is larger than the width of the cheekbones, and brow is wider than the jawline. The angle of the jaw is rounded moderately than sharp. Think about an upside-down egg.

Sq. Face Form

All measurements are considerably related in ratio. The angle of the jaw is sharp moderately than rounded. That is probably the most classically masculine face form.

Rectangle/Rectangular Face Form

A rectangle face form is like an oval/sq. form combo. Your face size is lengthy (like an oval), however your brow, cheekbones, and jawline are related in measurement (like a sq.).

Spherical Face Form

In case your cheekbones and face size have the same measurement, then you definitely doubtless have a spherical face. Cheekbone measurement can be bigger than the brow and jawline measurements, that are about the identical. The angle of the jaw is smooth moderately than angular. 

Diamond Face Form

An extended face with extensive cheekbones and a small jawline. Chin is pointy. 

Triangle Face Form

Triangle face shapes could have totally different sorts of chins, however they share the traits of getting a large, outstanding jawline (as measured throughout the corners/hinges of the jaw). The second-largest measurement is the cheekbones, adopted by the brow. 

Which Face Form Are You?

So these are the first face shapes. How do you determine which one you may have?

Effectively, determining your face form may be tough. You’ve most likely by no means considered your face having a definite form, so if you attempt to categorize it, you’ll be doing a number of hemming and hawing: “Effectively, I assume it’s spherical, but when I angle my head this fashion it appears to be like sq.. Wait. Now it’s a diamond.”

And as Thad informed me, a number of guys that are available in to see him generally tend to suppose they’ve the masculine face form of Brad Pitt. They’ll present Thad a photograph of Brad on their telephone and say, “I believe I’ve the same head form as Pitt. Are you able to give me the identical haircut that he has?” 

Thad has to properly inform these guys, “No, no you don’t. You look nothing like him really.”

So how do you determine what form your face and head are?

How to determine face shape illustration.

For starters, you may measure it at 4 key factors:

  1. Jawline: Measure horizontally from level to level on the corners/hinges of the jaw.
  2. Cheekbones: Measure throughout your cheekbones, beginning and ending on the pointiest half beneath the outer nook of every eye.
  3. Brow: Measure throughout your face from the height of 1 eyebrow arch to the height of the other arch.
  4. Face Size: Measure from the middle of your hairline to the tip of your chin.

Measure these factors with a tape measure, write them down, take into consideration the ratios between them, after which return as much as the final part to determine which face form you may have.

If measuring your face feels weirdly tedious, Thad recommends a extra simple manner to determine your face form: define it on a mirror. 

Seize a dry erase marker and stand in entrance of the mirror. Pull your hair again with one hand if it’s lengthy. Define your head. Make sure that to maintain your head as nonetheless as doable. 

Take a step again and have a look at it. 

“Your define isn’t going to seem like an ideal triangle or diamond,” says Thad. “However have a look at key factors like your cheekbones, jawline, and brow and the way they join with each other. Should you suppose you see a triangle, draw a triangle inside your define to see if it matches up. If not, strive once more.”

The way to Select the Proper Haircut for Your Face Form

Two Common Tips

1. Choose a haircut that may make your face look oval. No matter your specific face form, Thad recommends selecting a coiffure that makes your head look extra like an oval: “The oval face form is form of the perfect head form as a result of it’s symmetrical and well-proportioned. So, for instance, when you have a rounder head, you’ll need to choose a haircut that may make your face look longer to get a extra oval-looking face. In case you have a triangle-shaped head, you’ll desire a haircut that offers you extra width at your brow so it appears to be like much less pointy, and extra rounded on the prime.”

2. Take your beard under consideration. “Your beard can even add size or width to your face, so that you must take into account that when deciding on a coiffure,” Thad advises. “For instance, when you have an extended rectangle face, having a haircut with peak plus an extended beard goes to make your head look even longer, like Beaker from the Muppets. You don’t need that.” Meep meep, certainly. 

However beards can even assist contour your face into that very best oval form, Thad informed me. “Let’s say you may have a spherical face, with a not-so-prominent chin. An extended beard and a haircut with some peak will help lengthen your face to make it look extra oval.”

With these two common suggestions in thoughts, let’s dig into particular haircut suggestions for various face shapes. 


Best haircuts for oval face shape illustration.

“Guys with oval face shapes look good with any sort of hair and beard fashion,” says Thad. “You’ll be able to put on a giant pompadour, you may put on a pleasant crop with a fade, you are able to do an undercut. You’ll be able to put on a brief beard, lengthy beard, or center beard as a result of the proportions of that head form permit for it.” 

So if you happen to’re a man with an oval-shaped face, be at liberty to experiment with totally different hairstyles. 

Whereas the oval face form permits for all kinds of kinds, Thad did say there are some stuff you need to keep away from: “Don’t choose a mode with bangs or heavy fringe. They’ll make your oval face look extra spherical.”


Best haircuts for square face shape illustration.

Males with square-shaped heads ought to go together with haircuts with quick, tight sides. “Any bulk on the aspect is simply going to make your head look wider,” explains Thad. A normal aspect half haircut, saved tight on the edges, works right here, although Thad significantly recommends going with a haircut that offers some peak to your face to elongate it and provides it a extra oval look. Haircuts that present texture on the highest like French crops and quiffs will do this. A pompadour with shut sides offers you some peak as nicely. 

If you wish to actually embrace the masculine angles {that a} sq. form provides your face, Thad recommends rocking a buzz lower; “Suppose Jason Statham. That man has a very sq. face, and he makes that buzz lower look good.”


Best haircuts for round face shape illustration.

“Males with spherical faces need to choose a coiffure that offers some size to their face,” says Thad. “You additionally need to keep away from bulk on the edges, as that simply makes your head look rounder. So hold issues tight.”

French crops, pompadours, quiffs, brush backs, and comb-over kinds offers you peak. And if you happen to hold the edges quick, it’s also possible to create the phantasm of angles in your face, providing you with a extra masculine look. 

“Don’t overlook beards when you have a spherical face,” says Thad. An extended beard will elongate your face and make it seem like you may have a chin. “Keep away from actually quick beards or stubble when you have a spherical face,” he provides. “It simply highlights the truth that you don’t have a chin.”


Best haircuts for rectangle face shape illustration.

“With a rectangle face you’ve obtained to watch out with a number of issues as a result of the face is longer than it’s extensive,” says Thad. “You need to keep away from hairstyles and beard kinds that make your head look longer and skinnier,” i.e., you need to keep away from the Beaker impact.

To that finish, Thad recommends avoiding hairstyles that depart a number of size on prime since that elongates your head, in addition to haircuts which might be actually quick on the edges since that makes your head look skinnier. Principally, you need to shoot for one thing that’s not too lengthy on the highest and never too quick on the edges. Textured haircuts with medium size on the highest and the edges can be your finest guess. A traditional aspect half works nicely for guys with rectangular faces, so long as you retain the size on the edges longer. Fringes will add some width to your face, so take into account that as nicely. 

If you wish to develop a beard, hold it quick. An extended beard will solely make your face look skinnier. 


Best haircuts for diamond face shape illustration.

Males with a diamond-shaped face have extensive cheekbones, however slim jaw and forehead traces. To make your face extra oval wanting, Thad recommends going with a haircut that may add width to your brow. “A man with a diamond-shaped face sort of has a sharp, slim brow head. To scale back that, go together with a haircut that provides some bulk there, like a fringe lower or a textured crop.” 

One factor to keep away from is a haircut with quick sides. “That can simply intensify the narrowness of your brow,” says Thad. 

Thad additionally likes recommending beards to males with diamond-shaped faces. “A pleasant full beard can develop the thin jawline on a diamond-shaped face,” Thad informed me. “Mix that with a haircut that provides some width to your brow, and your diamond-shaped face is beginning to look extra like that very best oval.”


Best haircuts for triangle face shape illustration.

Triangular faces begin with a large jawline, slim a bit on the cheekbones, after which slim much more on the brow. “You need to add quantity and size on the edges to cut back the sharp look of a triangle-shaped face,” says Thad. French crops, textured quiffs, and fringes can do this. Guys with triangle-shaped faces will look good with longer, fuller ‘dos. Suppose Wayne Coyne from the Flaming Lips. That mad scientist, rock ‘n roll look. 

Thad recommends that males with triangle-shaped faces keep away from beards. “A beard will simply make your already extensive jaw look wider and make your brow look much more slim and pointy,” he says. In order for you some facial hair, simply go together with some stubble.  

In figuring out your face form, and the perfect haircut for it, you may ask your barber/stylist for recommendation. Sadly although, not all of them are literally very adept at making this dedication. Higher to determine a plan based mostly on the data above, and go in with a selected request on the prepared. 


Due to Thad from Hudson / Hawk Barber & Store (places in Springfield, Columbia, and Kansas Metropolis, MO, and Bentonville, AR) for his ideas.

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