The Most (And Least) Efficient Methods to Management Mosquitoes

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Hotter days have lastly arrived. 

Meaning cookouts, cornhole, and swimming. 

It additionally means mosquitoes.

I hate these suckers (pun supposed!).

Mosquitoes can destroy a wonderfully good out of doors occasion. They’ll additionally unfold viruses like West Nile and Zika. 

To stop your self from getting bitten, you possibly can spray your physique with insect repellent. However even when it’s pure stuff you make your self, slathering that gunk on is annoying.

Ideally, you’d prefer to not solely maintain mosquitoes away out of your pores and skin, however away out of your neighborhood typically. 

I’ve tried to curb the mosquitoes round my house over time, however each summer time they appear to get the higher of me. I’ve made it a purpose this yr to lastly vanquish them. In getting ready my ‘squito battle plan, I’ve discovered that there are higher and worse techniques to make use of, and under we break down which frequent management strategies belong in every class.

The Finest Mosquito Management Methodology: Destroy and Deal with Mosquito Breeding Grounds

The perfect factor you are able to do to regulate mosquitoes is to disrupt their breeding cycle. You need to stop these bloodsuckers from laying eggs within the first place. 

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water. Nonetheless, stagnant water offers mosquito larvae with the micro organism and microorganisms they want for meals. So if you wish to stop mosquitoes from laying eggs close to your property, it is advisable to get rid of their breeding grounds, i.e., it is advisable to get rid of or scale back all standing water close to your property. 

Stroll round your property as soon as every week and search for standing water.

Flower pots, birdbaths, toys, tree stumps, water options, buckets, and clogged gutters are all potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes. 

Should you discover some standing water, discover methods to get rid of it. Clear out your gutters, flip over empty flower pots in order that water can’t acquire in them, and change birdbath water commonly. 

When you’ve got areas in your yard or backyard that don’t drain effectively, you could want to think about putting in French drains or doing a little landscaping to encourage higher drainage. 

When you’ve got standing water that you would be able to’t get rid of, you’ll need to deal with it with a mosquito dunk. Mosquito dunks are donut-shaped tablets product of micro organism that solely kill mosquito larvae. They don’t kill different bugs. They’re protected and last as long as 30 days. I put a mosquito dunk in our water characteristic in our entrance backyard. I’m additionally going to begin placing one in an space in our backyard the place water tends to empty slowly. 

Mosquito dunks are low cost and might be purchased at Walmart, {hardware} shops, and Amazon.

Eliminating and treating mosquito breeding grounds is the simplest strategy to scale back mosquitoes round your property. What’s extra, it’s the most affordable and most secure means to take action. This needs to be your go-to line of protection in controlling mosquitoes round your property.

Should you want a proof of idea that this technique works, look no additional than Disney World in Orlando, FL. The place was constructed in the midst of what was a mosquito-infested swamp, however the park has no mosquitoes regardless of not utilizing pesticides.

How do they do it? They ruthlessly guard towards having any (untreated) standing water within the park. No mosquito breeding grounds; no mosquitoes.

Ample Strategies of Mosquito Management

Eliminating and treating mosquito breeding grounds can go a great distance in controlling mosquitoes round your property. Nevertheless it’s not foolproof. Mosquitoes are wily suckers. They’ll discover not-so-obvious locations in your property to put eggs. The little bit of water that collects within the melancholy of a leaf is adequate for a mosquito to put its eggs. 

Strive these mosquito-control measures for those who nonetheless have a mosquito drawback after eliminating breeding websites:

Mosquito Barrier Therapy. A mosquito barrier remedy is an insecticide spray utilized to areas round your property the place grownup mosquitoes feed and relaxation. The spray is utilized to leaves, shrubs, grass, timber, and round your property’s doorways. Grownup mosquitoes that come into contact with a floor that has been handled with the insecticide spray will die a short while later. 

The remedy lasts for as much as a month and has been proven to cut back mosquito exercise. 

There are a couple of downsides to using a mosquito barrier remedy. First, it’s not one thing you possibly can sometimes do by yourself. You’ll seemingly have to rent an expert to come back and apply it. And these skilled remedies might be expensive. Look to spend $65-$100 a month on them.

Second, mosquito barrier remedies could contribute to mosquitoes creating insecticide resistance. 

Third, mosquito barrier remedies additionally kill non-target bugs, together with pollinators like butterflies and bees. 

Use mosquito barrier remedies sparingly and solely after you’ve accomplished your greatest to get rid of and deal with mosquito breeding grounds. 

I’ve tried mosquito barrier remedies prior to now. I believe it could have diminished our mosquitoes a bit of, however not sufficient that they stopped being a nuisance, and never sufficient to justify the $99/month cost.

Mosquito Foggers. Mosquito foggers use warmth to create a thick white fog of insecticide that drifts via shrubs and leaves to kill grownup mosquitoes.

Mosquito foggers solely present momentary reduction from mosquitoes. They solely kill the grownup mosquitoes that get hit with the insecticide-laden fog they emit. After a fogging session, you’ll get a couple of hours to as much as a day of mosquito reduction. Foggers are nice to make use of earlier than an outside occasion like a pool get together or BBQ. 

The draw back to foggers is that they do kill different non-target bugs like butterflies and bees. Take that into consideration for those who resolve to make use of one.

Mosquito foggers might be bought in any respect {hardware} shops. Software is fairly easy, however it is advisable to think about a couple of elements earlier than making use of:

  • Apply when grownup mosquitoes are most lively. Often, that’s at daybreak and nightfall.
  • Don’t apply in the midst of the day. The warmth will trigger the insecticide to volatilize and drift upward out of goal areas.
  • Don’t apply when it’s windy. The insecticide will simply blow away.

I’ll sometimes use a mosquito fogger within the morning when we have now a yard social occasion deliberate for later that day. It appears to do the trick in lowering mosquitoes, however sure, it’s solely a brief repair.

A Easy Fan. Mosquitoes are weak fliers. The air from a fan will do an honest job of protecting mosquitoes away from you. Should you’re searching for momentary reduction from mosquitoes when you’re exterior at a cookout, simply run a fan. It doesn’t value something, doesn’t require spraying chemical substances round, doesn’t kill different bugs, and also will maintain you cool on a scorching, humid night time.

Much less Efficient Strategies of Mosquito Management

Mist Techniques. In recent times, automated mist programs that spritz out mosquito insecticide all through the day have turn out to be widespread amongst owners. It’s a set-it-and-forget-it answer for mosquito management. 

Nevertheless, there isn’t plenty of analysis on the market on the effectiveness of those mist programs. Research counsel that the programs solely scale back mosquitoes close to spray nozzles. Additionally, wind exercise in your space can blow the insecticide out of your yard, lowering its efficacy in eliminating mosquitoes in your property.

There are additionally considerations that the frequent misting of those programs is creating insecticide resistance in mosquitoes. And apart from killing mosquitoes, the insecticide kills bugs like bees and butterflies as effectively. 

Moreover, misting programs are fairly dang costly to put in; look to spend $2,500 to $4,000 in setting one up, relying on the scale of your property. Some misting programs are additionally vulnerable to frequent breakdowns, so many owners spend much more cash sustaining their system after it’s put in. 

Because of the lack of analysis supporting their efficacy and their excessive value, together with the potential of accelerating insecticide resistance and killing pollinating bugs, automated misting programs aren’t thought of an efficient strategy to management mosquitoes.  

Bug Zappers. You’ve seemingly seen a bug zapper hanging round your grandpa’s again porch or close to the out of doors eating space of a lakeside restaurant. The concept is easy. A UV gentle attracts an insect to the zapper. When the mesmerized insect comes into contact with it, they get electrocuted to dying.

Should you’ve appeared within the tray of a zapper, you’ve seemingly seen some mosquito carcasses. So zappers work for controlling mosquitoes, proper?

Effectively, no. 

Researchers have discovered that of the bugs killed by zappers, just one% to six% are mosquitoes. The overwhelming majority of bugs killed by bug zappers are butterflies, bees, moths, and flies. Additionally they kill bugs that prey on mosquitoes. That is seemingly why the U.S. Division of Agriculture has discovered that your probabilities of getting bit by mosquitoes really enhance once you’re within the neighborhood of a bug zapper. Kill mosquito predators —> extra mosquitoes —> higher probability of getting bit. 

The scientific consensus is that bug zappers needs to be averted. 

Citronella Candles. Citronella candles and tiki torches have been used for many years to maintain mosquitoes away from pool events and yard cookouts. However for those who’re like me, you’ve seemingly seen that they don’t do a lot to repel mosquitoes. I nonetheless get chewed up after we burn one. 

That’s as a result of citronella candles don’t actually work. A necessary oil from a plant known as Cymbopogon nardus, citronella does repel mosquitoes, however the focus of scent emitted from a candle isn’t sufficient to maintain mosquitoes at bay. Additionally, wind can simply blow the scent away out of your space. The mosquito-repelling impact you do get from burning a citronella candle seemingly simply comes from the smoke itself and never the scent. You’d get about the identical mosquito safety by burning a daily candle.  

Test Your Native Agricultural College for Extra Mosquito Preventing Suggestions

Should you’re searching for extra tips about controlling mosquitoes in your space, I extremely advocate visiting the web site of your close by agricultural faculty. Every a part of the nation has totally different mosquito seasons and even mosquito breeds. The techniques you utilize could have to be tweaked relying on the place you reside. Researchers at ag colleges are continuously updating their web sites with battle-tested techniques for controlling mosquitoes in your space. 

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