Cigar Cutter Guillotine and V-Cut V-Cutter in One Wedge Cut V Cut No Tear Pocket


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Cigar Cutter Guillotine and V-Cut V-Cutter in One Wedge Cut V Cut No Tear Pocket


V-Cut & Guillotine
Cigar Cutter
in one!
Condition: New
Size: Cuts up to a 56R (unless a torpedo, then as long as you can get the tip in.  I’ve ALWAYS been able to V-cut torpedos with this.
Note: Cigar NOT included.  Not for sale, but our current favorite cigar is the Ashton Symmetry for a higher end and the Gurkha Black Rose for an affordable stick.
Don’t be a schmuck.  Anyone who bites the end off their cigar is a dumb ass, poser, schmuck.  If you buy only one cigar cutter, gut this one.  If you use only one end of it, use the V-cut.
Don’t let the price fool you.  I have used the v-Cut on mine at least once a day for a year, and it still cuts perfectly!  I even use the V-cut on torpedo or perfecto cigars!  The regular guillotine cut works fine too. I just prefer the v-cut.
Now you have your choice in one convenient cutter!
A guillotine cutter is perfect for torpedo, pyramid, perfecto or belicoso shaped cigars, but what about the traditional cigars?
A wedge or “V-cut” gives a fantastic draw, and it doesn’t whack too much off the end!
OK, now listen. We sell cigar accessories because everyone at Survivors Edge smokes cigars. We don’t sell cigarette accessories, because we don’t smoke cigarettes. The point? Everything in our store made it there because we tested it and liked it.  Got a great cigar accessory? Please tell us about it.

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