Cigar Punch Draw Enhancer Nubber 3-in-1 Keychain Tool Brass w Built in Ejector


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Cigar Punch Draw Enhancer Nubber 3-in-1 Keychain Tool Brass w Built in Ejector


Cigar Punch Cutter Piercer Draw Enhancer Nubber 3-in-1 Tool Keychain
Punch Cuts Your Cigar
Improves Draw of Too Tightly Wound Smokes
Holds the nub so you can get even more of that great smoke!
With built-in ejector/cleaner
Save those too tight or plugged cigars you simply can’t draw through!
Condition: New
Length: 2 1/2″
Includes: key ring and built in cleaner-ejector
Material: brass body and stainless steel shaft
Accommodates: All cigar sizes
Note: Not for sale, but we recommend the San Cristobal, Tatuaje, Ashton VSG, the Gurkha Beast and the Illusione Silver Bullet cigars. Would enjoy hearing of your favorite two.
Paper clips just won’t cut it!
All cigar manufacturers, even the best, produce cigars sometimes to tightly rolled, often simply unshakable.  How many have you thrown away?  
This reamer and piercer unplugs cigars and improves draw with its finely hollow piercing shaft. Simply introduce the point of the piercer into the end of the cigar, and gently insert the pin until you reach the hard to draw tip repeating until you are satisfied with the draw.
This piercer is the answer to the plugged cigar and self-serving cigar shops. Simply inserting the piercer into the offending cigar opens it up, and the tight draw becomes a thing of the past. Now the cigar is freed of its obstruction and open to providing all the smoking pleasure for which it was intended.
With just one or two uses of this piercer, you can save more than its cost and all the frustration of having to throw away your valuable cigars.

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