Marine Corps Back Patch Set 8 Piece Biker Eagle Globe Anchor w Rockers USMC OD


United States Marine Corps
Vest Patch Set
(8 Patches in All)


United States Marine Corps
Vest Patch Set
(8 Patches in All)

The complete Marine Corps biker patch set you have been looking for!

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Condition: New
Includes: Eight individual patches
Sizes: EGA is 10″ tall, MARINE and CORPS rockers are 3″ x 11″, USA Flag is 3″ x 2″, small EGA is 3″, U.S. MARINES name tape 5 3/8″ x 1 1/4″, POW 2 1/4″ x 3″, VETERAN rocker 9″ x 2 5/8″
Backing: Ready for iron on or stitch on. Coating on back makes this patch perfect for iron on or stitch on, as well as makes it high quality that doesn’t unravel or fray like cheap quality patches.
Color: See how the full-set pictures and the close-up are different in hue? The thread of this patch has s shine to it and changes slightly with lighting. If you notice near the bottom portion of the anchor, the color there is yellower than the “MARINE CORPS” rockers. All thread is exactly the same. The close-up is the closest to the actual color. Because the thread has a shiny finish, the color in the pictures can vary. That is why I included multiple photos. If when it arrives you are not pleased with the color, send it back undamaged, new, unused for a full refund.
Note: Coat or vest NOT included.
Suggestion: You would have to be a special kind of stupid to purchase and wear the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor with “MARINE CORPS” and not be a Marine. Don’t do it. And don’t add the “MC” to the back patch set either. “Wouldn’t be prudent.”

This is the highest quality patch set around. All pieces are made with the exact same thread color. If you are not completely satisfied with it, please send it back for a full refund. If you need more than one set, let us know.

1. 4″ down from top of collar to top edge of “MARINE” rocker
2. 1/2″ from bottom of “MARINE” rocker edge to top of EGA.
3. Top edge of “CORPS” rocker 1/2″ to the lowest tip of EGA Anchor
4. 2″ down from top seam edge of vest to top of flag
5. Along the top edge of pocket if one exists. Alternative is to add a state flag under the USA flag and then the name tape directly below (with no gaps)
6. Bottom just away from snaps/zipper/buttons
7. Roughly in the area shown depending on pockets that may be in the way.
8. Vertically centered with the USA flag, horizontally centered on that side of vest

Looking for a Marine Corps logo item? Make sure you drop us a note. We’re adding new items all the time. By the way, all of us at Survivors Edge are Marines.

“Today, we understand that peace through strength is more than a slogan. In a world such as ours, it’s a moral necessity, and in the tough job of preserving the peace and defending our nation’s independence and freedom, the U.S. Marines have always been there, ready to do their duty.”
President Ronald Reagan


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